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Nickname MSN Nicknameshuyun0
Name Brian
Location Kansas
Interests leanring in every field possible
ok   abit about me ive always  had  a feel  for the   life or web of life  ive  dabbled in the craft  for              awhile  well  not calling but  in the mind training part  of it    as a teen   i befreinded a christian minister  and  for a time i was saited  in my knowledge hunger  when  i  found the  christians  put  boundries  on there faith  i moved on  for a few years  i ignored  the spirit  but began to look at life  in a new light   began to search  for the  why of things  for instance  you have an event  painful joyful  or  inbetween  i would look for the  pattern of events  that brought that about  i seemed  to be decent at that  so i began  to listen to the inner vioce  we all have  i take  the voice  as  my guide    i began  getting into the eastern  internal arts  and  then migrated over  to magick  know my aim is to be  um  knowledgeable  about  the m  systems  i study although  i cant  call my self  druid or shaman  or mage  im a student of life  the forces of the mind /spirit /body in my  endeavors  ive noticed things  that have astounded me  and wish  to learn more my people  where herbalist    and of an artistic slant  so i supose  that im following my blood in this     
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