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Nickname MSN NicknameHeather-n-Candles
Name Heather
Location Ohio
Interests Nature, Song, Books, Little Ones, and Harmony
The path I am on now has been a long time coming.  I have thought about my path for many years.  I was brought up Catholic so when I breached the subject of Wicca and practicing as a solitary witch it was thought of as a teenage phaze.  My life has led me to search about where my deepest intuitions tell me to go.  That led me to this site.  This has been a path I have came to three times significantly in my past and as the say three times a I am.  Something tells me this is where I belong and I hope to gain enlightenment on my spirituality and what I am meant to do for the remainder of my life in this realm.  Anyone that can guide me to find the correct path within is very appreciated.  I know this is something I have to do on my own but I still need guidance on where to start.  I have read alot of literature before joining this site and I believe that a strict path is not for me.  Thank You for letting me join. 
~Blessed Be~
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