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A Flower Grows

a flower grows within our yard,
we planted it the day we met.
in hopes it's life would grow apace,
in fertile earth it's seed we set.

in warm sunshine we planted it
and watered it with loving care.
it grew in strength from day to day
and soon it was both tall and fair.

then winter storms came out of turn
and covered it with killing frost,
the bitter winds tore at its leaves;
we feared our efforts all were lost.

but when the ice had sloughed away,
released it from it's frozen tomb,
the sunlight touched it's scented buds
and sweetly it began to bloom.

a flower grows within our yard,
we planted it the day we met.
though fate has tried to lay it low,
by faith and hope, it's growing yet.

by Dyn Llwyn - 8 September 2000

My eyes can see you standing there,
can it really be you?
My heart sings out when first we touch,
but can this joy be true?
I have been waiting all my life,
in search of you, it seems,
So are you now reality
and stepping from my dreams?
Ten thousand things I want to say,
and can't remember one.
My clever plans of how to act
have all become undone.
I thought that I would be so smooth,
but you give me a kiss.
I find I can't react at all;
my mind is stunned by bliss.
Dumbfounded I stand paralyzed,
amazed by all I feel,
because you are here in my arms,
a dream becoming real.
Then all too soon, I have to go,
and crying, drive away.
There's no-one I have ever know
affected me this way.
My days are now spent writing poems,
by night I pace the floor.
My heart beats only for the day
when we will meet once more.
For though I've loved at times before,
none can compare with you,
And I know now I've found at last
the One love that is true.

by Dyn Llwyn - 5 October 2000
A Moment

A touch of cheek, a longing glance,
One moment's silent space,
With thirst for you unquenchable
My eyes drink in your face.

My pounding heart soars like a bird
That wings across the skies;
No earthly beauty can surpass
The glow within your eyes.

Afraid to kiss, afraid to not,
You take my choice away.
Your touch makes my lips tingle
The remainder of the day.

An instant in Eternity
I hold your hand in mine;
The flow of love we pass between
Aproaches the divine.

The moment passes far too soon,
Our time has come to part,
But know this moment will live on
Forever in my heart.

Dyn Llwyn - 25 September 2000
Angels In The Air

There are times when life's a desert
That you wander on your own,
And the people that you trusted
Seem suddenly to be gone
You could die of thirst out there
'Cause there's no-one left to care
And your heart is feeling heavy as a stone
... You're not alone.

There are angels in the air
And they're always waiting there
Even when your tired eyes refuse to see.
So just go ahead and cry
They will never ask you why
'Cause the love they want to give is always free.

When your world becomes an ocean
And you've lost the solid ground
Doesn't matter what you're shouting
Seems nobody hears a sound
All your hope is wearing thin
There's no port to take you in
And you know that very soon you're going to drown
... Just look around.,br>

There are angels in the air
And they're always waiting there
Even when your tired eyes refuse to see.
So just go ahead and cry
They will never ask you why
'Cause the love they want to give is always free.

When each hurdle is a mountain
Climbing walls that never end
Each decision seems to falter
And you've lost your every friend
When the stumbles you have made
Make your courage start to fade
And you fear your shattered life will never mend
... On this depend:

There are angels in the air
And they're always waiting there
Even when your tired eyes refuse to see.
So just go ahead and cry
They will never ask you why
'Cause the love they want to give is always free.

Author Dyn Llwyn

i wait
i feel it coming
the stillness blankets everything
in the billowing whiteness
of concealing mists
that muffle any
between the glowing white walls
robed in light
those who have found each other
join at the midpoint
and depart
beneath the glowing white sky
i wait
while silence becomes eternity
the keening of my heart
in eager anticipation
twists and knots my soul
into braided loops
just to untie itself
i feel you out there
knowing you sense me
the wait is maddening
when it comes
and i gaze at you in my arms
there will be no time
for anything else
but you
this time is better used
resolving the past

but the wait is still maddening

by Dyn Llwyn - 13 September 2000
Beach of Gold

Together, on a beach of gold,
With sunlight dawning through the haze,
I reach for you, and gently hold
The one I wish to share my days.

A bell of joy within me rang
The day you crossed my silent path,
And with each note my poor heart sang,
Dispelling sorrow's aftermath.

Our hearts both opened as we talked
And shared our soul's own secret pain,
Then arm and arm together walked
Within each other's tearful rain.

In honest tenderness we cared,
And in unquestioned trust it grew
'Til realizing that we shared
A love that we both know is true.

A quiet peace has filled me up
With joy my heart has never known,
For we have shared the loving-cup
And need not ever be alone.

Together, on a beach of gold
Your eyes reflect love back at me,
Each other's hearts we both enfold
The way I'd always hoped it'd be.

By Dyn Llwyn 22 Nov 2000
now, if you want painful ...
this i wrote to my wife,
shortly before i walked out the door ...


She swore that she would love him
for ever and a day.
she swore their souls would be entwined
and never would she stray.

She cast her net to find a love
and snare him by the soul,
and he who lived with heart exposed
was proved to be a fool

He lived a season at her call
entranced 'til they could marry,
but when at last his pledge did give
with others she did tarry.

A clever trap she built for him
to keep him at the wheel.
he cried in vain within his pain:
her heart refused to feel.

Beneath the millstone lay his heart
imprisoned from the light,
and deep and dark it's anguish burned
where once sprang rainbows bright.

And when at times he tried to flee
the torture of his pains,
she would relent, and speak of love;
then yank back on his chains.

Her life proceeded as she would
regardless of his sorrow,
she drained his blood for her own gain
and split his bones for marrow.

A day then came, his heart lay still,
expired beneath the yoke.
his soul was ash, no life remained;
with death, it’s pledge he broke.

She swore to bind his soul to her
for ever and a day,
but once his heart was crushed to dust,
he turned, and walked away.

by Dyn Llwyn - 27 April 2000

warm perfumed air
blows soft across her skin,
a summer breeze
plays gently with her blouse
and in her hair

the sun goes down
easing daylight's tension
the rose twilight
adds faint warm golden tint
to all around

a flock of birds
perch singing in the tree
reminding one
of broadway musicals
sung without words

a cup of tea
to drain away the day
snug in her hand
her softened knots relax
and then go free

a pool of light
cast by a candle's flame
a yellow pool
that ripples as the dark
grows into night

the darkness grows
as sunset is complete
except the moon
in polarizing white
and silver glows

the twilight's haze
gives way to clear night air
her dreaming eyes
watch as the night unfolds
within her gaze

the stars are bright
with scattered rainbow hues
the glowing sky
a moving tapestry
for all the night

her vow to keep
at full night she retires
with silent step
she enters the dark house
to seek her sleep

by Dyn Llwyn - 23 August 2000

With firm resolve I must begin
For on this quest I'm pledged to fare
So on a ribbon pale and thin
I float into the midnight air.
Accending in wide sweeping curves
That pass between each house and tree
Around each reaching bole it swerves
'Till from the treetops I am free.
Then rising quickly to the sky,
Beyond the clouds that gather there
I reach the heights where eagles fly
On their swift highways in the air.
Now passing onward to my goal,
Bright-lit my way by shining moon,
I follow paths forged by my soul
Well knowing I will be there soon.
At journey's end I come to rest
In that place my heart knows so well,
The home of her I love the best,
And by who's side I long to dwell.
My phantom form kneels by her side
Observing her in silent sleep,
And through the night I will abide;
This promise I will ever keep.
With my own soul I place a shield
Protecting her until she wakes,
And by my life I'll never yield
No matter what the effort takes.
At last the glimmer of the dawn
Tells me once more we've won reprieve.
I sigh relief, then I am gone
To start again tomorrow eve.

Dyn Llwyn 16 November 2000
In the Doorway

standing in the doorway,
i listen for your voice.
but i cannot approach you
for yet it is your choice.
standing in the doorway,
i listen for your voice.
but i cannot approach you
for yet it is your choice.
standing in the doorway,
i listen for your voice.
but i cannot approach you
for yet it is your choice.
my heart breaks when i hear you cry
alone amidst your grief.
you know my soul aches to reach out
to give your soul relief.
but frozen i await your call
while anguish runs it's course.
with tears of pain reflecting yours
we suffer for your loss.
Oh, would that you could just accept
the love i have to give,
there's nothing that i would not do
that once more you could live.
but it is not my place to choose
the time to end your sorrow.
and so i stand here by the door
and wait until tomorrow.

by Dyn Llwyn - 6/26/2000
All Poetry © Dyn Llwyn