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THE SACRED INTERNAL FLAMEContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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 Hope & Love2 JAG68 3/19/2008 9:16 PM
 Friendship2 JAG68 3/19/2008 9:12 PM
 The Wayside2 JAG68 3/19/2008 9:05 PM
 My Journey3 MSN NicknameIktomiSpiderWitch 3/17/2008 8:43 AM
 Forget Not The You1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 3/3/2008 1:54 AM
 HEART & SOULS1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/23/2008 10:03 PM
 Beauty1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/23/2008 9:59 PM
 When Love is an Affliction1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/23/2008 9:56 PM
 Peace Prayer1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 2/22/2008 10:46 PM
 Angel1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/14/2008 11:24 PM
 Balloon1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/14/2008 11:20 PM
 Everything2 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/11/2008 9:54 PM
 Love Defined1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/11/2008 3:07 AM
 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/11/2008 3:00 AM
 And Yet I Die2 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/9/2008 11:31 PM
 Crimson Angel2 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 2/9/2008 10:02 PM
 ~I can't sleep~2 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 2/6/2008 10:31 PM
 Lighting Your Way1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 1/29/2008 5:28 PM
 Fact!!!4  1/28/2008 9:32 PM
 Fight For Freedom4  1/28/2008 9:30 PM
 You Are the One2 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 1/28/2008 8:18 PM
 A Thousand Fair Suitors1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 1/26/2008 3:31 PM
 ~ World Peace ~1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 1/26/2008 2:56 AM
 For Andrew3 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 1/26/2008 2:07 AM
 ~ Friends ~1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 1/26/2008 2:07 AM
 A Simple Tail2 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 1/21/2008 9:21 AM
 Seek Not My Heart1 MSN Nicknamesilverbearky 1/21/2008 5:40 AM
 ~My Angels~4 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 1/20/2008 12:00 AM
 Candlebearers2 MSN NicknameMystikTraveller 1/12/2008 7:24 AM
 ~When Tomorrow Starts Without Me~1 MSN NicknameRubyMysteryâ„?/nobr> 10/16/2007 12:37 AM
 ~For Michael~4 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 7/28/2007 6:50 AM
 ~Dear Ones~1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 7/13/2007 8:34 AM
 Poem of Love by GS3 MSN NicknameHeart_Star 7/13/2007 2:23 AM
 Clearwater's Words1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 7/7/2007 12:57 AM
 Pixi's Prose -Soulmates2 MSN Nicknameflpncrzy 7/4/2007 4:24 AM
 Pixibrat's Prose2 MSN Nicknameflpncrzy 7/4/2007 12:58 AM
 Share your poetry and wisdom here!!1 MSN NicknameLadySpiritAngelFire 6/14/2007 9:59 AM
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