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Palmistry or Cheiromancy and Astrology

The lore dates palmistry to the ancient Egyptians, Chaldeans, Sumerians and Babylonians. The "written" eastern (Vedic) references date to approx. 2000 BCE and the western references to Aristotle 384-322 BCE. The term Chiromancy is based on the Greek word cheir = hand and mancy=divination. There are two more forms for the base word –gnomy and –ology, which were perhaps adapted to make it less of a divination and more of a study.

Print this article - opens a PDF document.

Palmistry has a connotation of fortune telling, in the 17th century it was a university subject in Germany and outlawed as witchcraft in England. Astrology and palmistry have strong links. There used to be a basic division into seven types of hands, which matched the seven planets known by the ancients.

This division has been revised to four elemental types. The Earth hand has a square palm and short fingers, and belongs to a practical and honest individual. The Fire hand has a long palm and short fingers, which describes an energetic, restless person. The Water hand has a long palm and long fingers, which describes an imaginative and emotional individual with moody characteristics. The Air hand has a square palm with long fingers, which belongs to an intelligent, logical and systematic individual.


The mounts on the hand are named after Roman gods, which relate to planets. In the diagram each finger is given a ruling planet, Mars, Venus and the Moon do not have a finger of their own. Venus was given the first phalanx on the thumb, which ironically is the phalanx of will ?typically a concept related to Mars. Venus also has a mount. Well formed, firm mounts show that the planet's energy is well developed. Note that with Saturn this is not the case rather the mount is typically taut and flat. Each planet does also rule a line in the hand, and a band under its finger.

Each of the phalanges on each finger is associated with an astrological sign. The first phalanges are cardinal, the middle ones are fixed and the bottom ones are mutable. The thumb is considered to have two phalanges only the top one is associated with will & action and the lower one with capacity for thought & logical analysis. The base of the thumb is associated with vitality and strength ?prominent and or well shaped or developed is good. Thumb is claimed to be associated with intelligence as well as the Ascendant. In Asia there are palmists, who read the thumb exclusively and ignore the rest of the hand. In addition there are twelve types of fingernails, which are associated with astrological signs and can be used as a tool in chart rectification. The matching of these with actual fingernails is harder than it sounds.

Long is better than short when it comes to phalanges, overly long, however, is associated with negative traits and/or a lack of something. For example a very long Virgo phalanx, the bottom segment of the ring finger, is associated with greed. A very short pinky finger (the kind that only reaches half way through the middle phalanx of the ring finger) is indicative of someone frustrated, unable to express their talents and skills. In lieu of having a finger Mars was given two mounts on the palm ?one is associated with moral courage and the other with physical courage (see diagram). In addition Mars owns the "plateau" in the centre of the palm.

The Jupiter finger ?index - is associated with ambition, success and ego. When it is longer than the ring finger ?the hand belongs to a natural leader. (Remember that as with any method of analyzing character and life one pat statement does not apply to all, the art of palmistry is more complex than this short introductory essay). The Saturn finger ?middle ?is about the mind/money, responsibility and detail. The Sun ?Ring - finger has to do with emotions, desires and persona. The Mercury ?pinky ?finger has to with communications, personal relationships, the mind and spirituality.

Looking at the hands and comparing them to the main themes in the astrological chart does seem to have a strong correlation. Check it out for yourself ?is your chart mainly fixed and are the middle phalanges in your fingers the longest? Are you mainly a water type ?is your palm long with long fingers? Is your pinky finger long past reaching the top phalange of the index finger ?are you quick witted and a born salesman? Do you have a crooked finger or one that leans toward another one? Is it the Jupiter finger bending toward Saturn's finger ?are you stubborn or persistent? Is it the Sun finger reaching for Saturn's finger ?are emotional relationships a challenge? Do these finger patterns repeat in the chart ?a Sun/Saturn aspect for example? Last remember that the passive hand (left if you are right-handed) is what you were born with and the active hand is what you have made of your life and circumstances. © Anne Massey 2001

© Anne Massey 1988-2002

For additional resources: Palmistry, The Art of Palm Reading - Discover the secrets of your palm with this enchanting site on palmistry and other psychic powers.


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