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THE SACRED INTERNAL FLAMEContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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For Joy

Her name is Joy....this soulmate amoung the many
The purest expressions of love are shared with delight
The pleasure of a giggle and a squeal that no one can take away
A love so simple yet so deep that it is beyond measure

It cannot be destroyed even for a moment
though at times it may be covered up at will
A bond of divine nature not seen with the eyes
but experienced with an open heart

There is no doubt of the truth that exist between us
The body and mind do not have reign over what is
Complete freedom belongs to us and speaks ever so gently
We bring to each other a bubbling wave of renewal

Her name is Joy....this friend amoung the many
Nestled within my heart, I feel her spirit
Easy to love... for it all flows naturally
I am forever grateful for my knowing of her presence

Author Infinite Spirit Song
For the love of.......

Can't sleep...Can't eat
The nights are too long
and the days too empty
when u are not here

What is this strange bond
that passes between us
we try to quantify
but we never get any closer

So my love
I feel that we
must just accept our love
for what it is

a gift
that doesnt come our way
too often
if it did
it would not mean
as much

special you are
for not coming my way
too often
but only once
because once
all I need

I love you

Author Dark Aura

I know i am a difficult person,
I know i can be hard,
I cause you so much pain,
Espically in your Heart.

All i am asking is for you to be patient,
I love you more than you could ever know,
Please forgive my difficult nature,
So our love can grow.

Author Sweet_Lady_Rose
Glittering Stars in the Sky

I look in your eyes
. I see the glittering stars reflect the light of your soul.
A light that has travelled from deep within.
Can you see?
Can you see me?
One hand reaches to yours, one points to the stars.
Do you want to join ?
Do you want to join me, as we travel to the glittering stars ?

Author David
Guard me from my pain

The roaring winds,
Screaming out in pain,
Simulating the sorrow in my heart,
The beating rain,
Expressing the pain,
Tears roll down my cheeks,
A fallen tree,
Just like my hope,
Hope of getting somewhere,
Anywhere, as long as it's with you,
Yet when i look at the moon,
So full, strong and bright,
Giving me the will to fight,
Fight the anguish,
Fight the pain,
Regain my hope,
And live again,
To be with you is all i want,
The elements wont stop me,
Neither will my pain,
So hail fair moon,
Ruler of the night,
Guard me from my pain,
Til i win this fight.

Author Candaladra

How the night has always been my friend

How the night has always been my friend
The whispers I hear far in the back of my head
The love that we always see inside
Always wondering how it would be shared and proven
We always look for a way to affirm the way we feel
Tucking away those things that we do not wish to speak of.
But yet we will speak of them when they are drug up by the one
That special person that no matter what we can always rely on to be there
Though from time to time we call on them and they are no where to be found
We know that they are not trying to avoid us but that the timing is off for the moment
Though we both wish that we would never be alone or apart
Though we both know the future is brighter then it seems to be for us now
We can always look to one another for support and reassurance that we are not lost
That the path to the next step in our lives is not blocked but rather just delayed
There is a pattern we all must follow whether or not we understand it or like it
But for the time being there is now no we, but rather the you and me
Separated only by the distance which is an ever constant reminder of time
Though things are different for each of us, the road upon which we travel keep crossing
And ever teasing reminder of how close we get but yet how far away we truly are.
As the cold of winter reaches us and prepares us for the New Year
Are the roads ahead of us still blocked with an icy chill or have the paths opened
We both share upon each other’s dreams living in the moment of joy
The laughter of those dreams that are shared are what get us through the days
The knowledge that even though things are so strange now, that they may return again
The return of which is perfect as the reminder of peace that we both once had
A joy that was always shared and multiplied until the rims of which were over flowing
The time has now receded the tide of love and hope we once had
It sunk our ships that carried the things we treasured the most, and stripped us of it all
But soon it will be time to rebuild it all even greater then we once were.
So hang in there my love, understand that I will not quit loving you
So stay safe, and keep your hope alive that things will get better for us both
We will see each other soon enough, just ride the tide out till it finally subsides
For when everything returns to a smooth calm again
Things will be so much easier, and we can be so much happier

Author PsycoChild
I am I for a special woman

i am the wind that whispers thru your soul i am i.
i am the light that shines thru the darkness i am i.
i am words spoken between two hearts i am i.
i am the dreams of your memorys i am i.
i am the touch of love between two souls i am i.
i am the endless way the path less taken i am i.
i am always here always near i am i.
i am the void of time the distant call of the wolves i am i.
i am the unspoken truth the unnamable hunger i am i.
i am the shadow in the heartthe need of the flesh i am i.
i am the moon above in the starry night the isolated soul i am i.
i am the only thing left when all else fades i am i.

I wrote this for Starry Night and i hope you all enjoy it.

The Sad Poet.AKA Psy


Inner Journey for a Love

Hanging onto words written across my screen
Semi intimate details and a cyber hug hold the moment
but when the final loving gesture has been shown
there is a silence and an unknowning that haunts me

I try to be strong enough for road I have laid before me
but the tender yearnings of my heart bring forth tears
A self inflicted wound that is hidden on the inside
God give me the wisdom to let myself heal from this pain

I yearn to be the perfect fit in the arms of a lover not seen
The realization of being in love overwhelms my senses
I exhale that electric charge that is meant for another
It has nowhere to go. It hangs lifeless in mid air.

The waiting brings a sort of numbing madness to my mind
once so sure of the power of my love to reach your heart
now I barely stand up to claim the dream I once held true
My heart cannot survive on this path without that true love.

Another path chosen is easier said than done
The senic route or detour could easily be managed
But I fear this journey of love will result in a dead end
If I only had the map to your heart I wouldn't be lost

Author Infinite Spirit Song
All Poetry © to authors mentioned