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THE SACRED INTERNAL FLAMEContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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The Following Are Names Of Angels
And What God/Goddess Have Chosen For Them
To Give To Others


Achaiah - helps to fathom the secrets of nature.

Aladiah - protects against the injustices of men.

Anauel - moderates your temper.

Aniel - brings purity, ardour and victory.

Ariel - brings premonitory dreams and intuitions.

Asaliah - helps to solve mysteries.

Caliel - stimulates memory and mental faculties.

Daniel - comforts those who are unhappy, and warms their heart.

Damabiah - supports and protects you at all times.

Elemiah - liberates you from dark thoughts and bad influences.

Eyael - shows the way of truth.

Hahaiah - inspires marvellous dreams, full of meaning.

Herahel - heals the suffering of the soul and the spirit.

Haziel - strengthens bonds of friendship and the sincerity of feelings.

Hariel - encourages goodwill and generosity.

Haamiah - brings back hope, and provides comfort and encouragement.

Haaiah - gives perserverance and encourages discoveries.

Hahahel - denounces lies, hypocracy and fraud.

Haheuia - brings comfort to those in exile.

Hahasiah - clarifies the mind and reason.

Haiael - makes you impartial, but implacable.

Hekamiah - ensures victory for those who fight for a just cause.

Hubuhiah - eases the suffering and heals the sick.

Imamiah - allows you to free yourself from all restrictions.

Jahel - promotes all business transactions.

Lauviah - stimulates courage and protects against the elements.

Kahetel - protects against evil spirits and spells.

Khavaquiah - restores self-confidence and rectifies injustices.

Leinviah - gives support to those who defend a just and noble cause.

Laviaeh - comforts those who are sad or unhappy.

Lehhahiah - makes you tolerant, lenient and benevolent.

Mahasiah - leads you to live in peace and harmony with others.

Manakel - favours the prosperity of enterprises.

Melahel - makes your travels more enjoyable.

Menadel - reinforces the stability of a sound situation.

Mebahel - brings truth out into the open, loves justice and protects the innocents.

Mebahiah - makes you wise, virtous, attentive and gengerous.

Mehiel - confers wisdom.

Mikael - helps to accomplish a long and memorable journey.

Mihael - strengthens the good intentions.

Mitzrael - promotes pleasant and harmonious relationships.

Mumiah - gives support against adversity.

Nemamiah - supports just causes.

Nanael - encourages further studies.

Nithiah - stimulates the faculties of discernment and clairvoyance.

Nelchael - favours mediation, reflection, study and knowledge.

Nithael - prolongs life expectancy.

Omael - comforts those in despair.

Poyel - brings a little luck.

Puhaliah - soothes tempers and makes you pleasant and sociable.

Raphael - gives a fair and precise judgement.

Rehael - alleviates sufferings and heals the seriously ill.

Reyiel - stimulates good reflexes and a fighting spirit.

Sehiah - protects against accidents and the violence of the elements.

Sitael - gives strength in adversity.

Umabel - gives deep but generous convictions.

Vasariah - makes you honest and fair, encouraging integrity and impartiality.

Vehuel - stimulates your power of concentration.

Vehuiah - helps to accomplish difficult tasks.

Veuliah - enables you to triumph over your enemies.

Yeliel - gives support when fighting enemies.

Yezalel - strengthens the bonds between husband and wife, making them constant and faithful.

Yieael - encourages bold and novel enterprises.

Yeratel - brings the truth to light.

Yeheuiah - does not allow uncertanity to persist.

Yeiazel- gives you immunity against your enemies.

Yelahiah- promote Sealiah gives you the chance to find common ground.

Yeialel - makes you creative, productive, fertile or prosperous.

Yabamiah - favours family life and the birth of a child.

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