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~ A Dream Of Desire ~

~ By Isis ~


I want to pull you to me
Crush you in my arms
Listen to your heart beating next to mine
Taste the sweetness of your lips~

Close out the world
Listening to our song
Making love all night long
Ecstasy in motion~

Moving to a lovers beat
Lost in the magical heat
Tasting all the nector of love
Breathing the passion of forever~

Oh, the feelings of heavenly desire
While you take me higher
Than I have ever been
Simmering embers of passion~

Lift me on that mystical ride
While my body I will guide
Slowly satisfying the hunger
In a dream of desire.

The Almost Love Poem

I must reach out for all it's worth to soothe away your fear
for love is there to guide me and this I see so clear
your tender heart has been scarred by one you once held dear
afraid to fully let me in, even so I do draw near

do you wonder if I would try to change the path that you have found
for love will not do that once you have heard it's sacred sound
therefore meet me in that place of truth and take a look around
and there you will find a love that is unconditional and profound

to hold your heart as you hold mine as we gaze up at the stars
little by little my love for you will lessen those painful scars
for you will feel warm pulsating love that never ever chars
and my vision is of us face to face, free from any bars

there will come a time when you realize that what I say is true
no matter the silence, or what you say or do
even an injured heart can strengthen and see us through
all obstacles will be overcome, embraced by my love for you

Author Infinite Spirit Song
~ Sacred Celestial Light of Love ~

Many material bodies,
but one sacred radiant Fire of God, called Soul,
lighting up a cornerof the Universe with unconditional Love.
Sweet birds of paradise drinking of the blissful nectar of God’s love,
drink deeply,
for you are greatly blessed and loved by the Beloved Creator.
Listen sweet Souls,
as the Beloved sings you a song of Eternal Godly Love!
Living and loving in the joy of Loving and being loved,
what divine ecstasy.
How can such a Sacred Flame from the Beloved Creator be extinguished?
unconditional love cannot be destroyed like the material Universe.
The Beloved Creator’s love is beyond time and the sensual experience.
From the Divine spark each is given existence,
each connected by the Golden cord of Love to the Eternal loving radiant omniscient Light, the Beloved.
Let your radiant Sacred Flame fall into the celestial vortex of an eternal,
blissful State of Divine love from the Beloved Creator.
Love is all there is for the Sacred Divine Flames of Celestial Light that we are!
All else fades into the chasm of oblivion.

Bluemaxx 8/29/2001

**note i hope you enjoy this poem i wrote.
This may not seem the most cheerful one but i hope you enjoy it.

You play your life in ignorance and denial,
Living in fear while loosing your ground,
When times are changing you shake the house,
Explosive and cutting with no control,

The way you speak to us is of the dark,
So much you don’t understand,
Yet you do not listen or try to understand,
You have given up your will,
Depending on the ones who you blame for your misery,

Brother brother why don’t you see,
That the way you live your life,
Is hurting you and your family,
For so much as happen we now see you,
I see a desprate child,
With anger with the world,
Ever so lonely looking for love
For I may feel sympathy and sorrow,
I can not change the will of another,

The pain I feel in there presence,
Urges me to reach out,
Only to learn,
Its like a venus trap,
Alluring you to divouar,
Your sense of tranquillity,

Ever so drawn to life yet not willing to exerance life,
Times of joy you come only to put out,
So much has happen at times I turn bitter,
For the memories of hurt and suffering
The patterns of your disturbance you repeat
You are crying for help yet not willing to help yourself.

Author Mihalaki

raging white light flyinh thru the sky,
cuttting thru darkness,
its journying home,
no time to waste it goes to its home,
so determined so clear on its path,
just doing exacly what is meant to do,
it doesnt look back for he knows its meant to be,
so sourrounded by darkness yet still,
can shine to that paradise called home,
never loose hope,
for the raging white light lives in all,
follow your singing heart to that place you called home.

Author Mihalaki
~ Each Moment ~


Each moment of love,

Each moment of giving,

Each moment of joy,

Is a moment of living.


Each moment of anger,

Each moment of lying,

Each moment of resentment,

Is a moment of dying.


All our moments add together,

like the digits in a sum

And the answer tells us plainly

whether life or death shall come.


By "Karma"
Ember or Flame

Are ye an ember
or are ye a flame?
Do ye stand strong
or do ye melt in the rain?
Are ye a weak link
or part of the chain?
Are ye part of the solution
or part of the blame?
For we are the people
and we are the change.

Who should be watching
protecting the earth?
Is the land sacred
or just so much dirt?
Your sisters and brothers
who helps with their pain?
Are ye part of the filling
or part of the drain?
For we are the power
and we are the change.

When modern-day witches
are put to the flame
Do ye go for the kindling
or shout down in shame?
Do ye just hang out
when other's are hanged?
Do ye make a difference
or just stay the same?
Are ye part of the problem
or part of the change?
For we are the people
We are the power
We are the change.

Author Mother Nature
~For All Who Walk Alone~


This is for all who stand alone,
Who feel that time is passing by
And yet look always wishing back,
For days, long past, of brighter sky
I wish you hope though there seem none,
And faith that all will pass and heal

May you pluck courage from your heart,
And once more see the path revealed
This is for all who are alone
Who feel that love has passed them by
And sit and watch while lovers pass
Hand in hand, magic in their eyes

I wish you love, though there seem none,br> And trust that you will find the one
May you find peace forever true
And may the light shine always in on you
This is for all who walk alone
Along the precipice of life
And try to see beyond the arc
Cast by the feeble lantern's light

I wish you strength to tread your path
And comfort for the lonely trail
May you have friends who guide you home
If you lose your way when the dim light fails

This is for all who lie alone
Their love once warm, a cold dark place
Who reach for comfort just to be
Rejected by an unreturned embrace
I wish you power to live your truth
And wisdom clear to find the words

May your compassion be your guide
To light once more the flame you need inside
This is for you, it is for me
We live in chains, though we are free
And we can reach beyond our sight
To shape the bounds of our reality

I wish you all the love you need
And all the courage to succeed
May you have clear and perfect sight
And may you end your waiting through the night.

Author David Bramley
Copyright 2002.05

Note all Poetry © to the authors of these poems