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What is Ascension?
Page 2


Earth’s Agreement

Earth agreed to this joint learning with man and had a deep understanding of the various possibilities that could happen. This Being operates from a place of love and does not feel she is a ‘victim?or feels anger about the apparent destruction of areas upon her form. Everything in the universe is done by agreement. Everything. She watches with love and perceives the struggle within man to overcome all the barriers he has set himself.

The Earth now needs to bring all the energy within her structure back into a perfect ball and raised in frequency in order to make her Ascension. She is quite capable of doing this. The way she does it is dependant on the amount of Light she receives in. She tries to release these areas as gently as possible and we can assist this by focusing Light in and across the Earth, creating positive and healing patterns around the world.

The power of unified prayerPrayer also has always been a form of connection to the Divine Source of all and we know this links to the power of God.

Some feel they wish to help the Earth in a more practical way and this is also helping greatly. She is grateful for all these forms of help.

If sufficient Light is taken into help this transmutation, she does not then need to correct the energy imbalance in a geophysical manner, such as through earthquakes, floods, etc.

In her love and compassion for all life upon Earth and for her own comfort, she would naturally prefer to have a pain and trauma free transition. As we know most mothers would choose the gentlest birth possible. She is no exception and doesn’t enjoy the pain of cracks and upheavals in her structure or the added trauma of human suffering.

Let go and let GodEveryone on Earth is special and unique and each has their own role to play in the overall scheme of things. If each one follows that which feels right to say or do, then each will be carrying out their part in that plan. If instead, you permit yourself to do that which you ‘should do?often through guilt, you are quite liable to be stepping outside of your agreements. It is time to Let Go And Let God. By doing this, you will be truly taking responsibility.

If it feels right for you to help the dolphins, save the rainforests, increase awareness of child abuse, or do nothing...the range is endless...understand that because this is right for you, it does not have to mean that it is right for others also. Each has their own task to do and if you permit yourself to be talked into what you ‘should be doing?you will not therefore carry out what you are really meant to be doing in that moment. If you do what feels right in the heart from a place of love and not from fear or guilt then you can trust that you are in the flow of Divinity. From that place you can intuitively sense the next move.

The power of positivityAnother way to assist the Earth is by keeping our own auric field (aura) clear and free of negativity. We can then allow Light to pass through the energy centres (chakras) of the body, down into The Earth. You can keep this field clear through a discipline of only permitting positive thought, pure intent, use of affirmations, non judgement, moving from the `head' to the ‘heart? realising that all are brother and sister and becoming more loving. There are various products available that assist in raising vibration and help clear the lower bodies. There are colour, sound, crystals, oils and many natural essences in use for these purposes such as Bach Flower remedies, Aura Light and Avatara Harmony essences. As regards any assistance via products or indeed from any source, take only that which resonates and feels right for you. Each of us have different needs and whereas one may find that Aromatherapy produces miracles, another may simply need more peace or to look at the area of self love. Many paths are available for there are many different people with as many different needs. By following our intuition we can lead ourselves to increased awareness and higher levels of evolution.

A time of choiceIt is time on this planet for everyone to make a choice about the sort of world they wish to live in. One of peace and love or the current world we see now upon the Earth.

In the current third dimensional reality on Earth, one learns compassion, understanding and love through experiencing every conceivable situation in life, ranging from poverty and struggle to wealth and power. This involves learning to rise above the limitations set by ourselves prior to the incarnation, thereby gaining strength and wisdom. Finally, as one ceases to judge and realises ‘I am my brothers?keeper?and that in truth, everyone is a brother - he or she moves to a place of peace and unconditional love.

Many now feel that they have learnt sufficiently in this realm and would choose to release the various patterns belonging to limitational learning and move on up to higher levels of learning. Learning goes on through higher dimensions, but it is through greater harmony and less solid types of experience. Whilst joy and peace are obtainable on the third dimension, these things are a matter of course on the higher dimensions.

The Golden AgeChoices are being made across the Earth by everyone. As the planetary vibrations continue to increase; all old rigid structures and systems across the Earth either change their basis of operation to one of love, or they crumble and cease to be. All buried thought and emotion is being released individually - nationally - internationally and planetary. All remaining karma is being balanced out across the face of the Earth and everyone who chooses Love, is Light-ening up, as their vibration moves into higher frequencies.

It is time to step free of fears and the myriad of belief patterns that keep us so boxed in our world of structure and control. Time to move forward in trust and faith knowing there are worlds beyond that which we can see with our eyes.

We now approach the new millennia, the Golden Age of peace and love, predicted by so many philosophies and religions for so long. It is shown on the ancient Mayan Calendar and known deep within the heart of many, many millions working in the Light of God.

©Copyright Sandy Stevenson

For Sandy's Site