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THE SACRED INTERNAL FLAMEContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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~The Tiger~


Hunted and hunter, silently waiting

The long chase has slowed now

And almost is done

The tiger’s at bay now, but not yet defeated

Both lives lie in balance

For neither has won

But which has advantage, the cat with her anger

Her weight, her curved claws

And her long sharp teeth

Or the man with his brain and his unfulfilled instincts

Unquenchable bloodlust

With cunning beneath

Enraged now she charges to deal with this upstart

And out comes the gun

Man’s inevitable ploy

Two cracks cut the dawn, as both barrels blast

Glass eyed and stiffening

The cat breathes her last

So the world dies another sad little death

A voice lost forever from the choir of life

One day, quite soon, there’ll be no tigers left

No creatures as free as the sky

There’ll be nowhere to hunt

No forests or wilds

Maybe then they’ll hunt you or I

~Mystikal Traveller~

The Candle

As i sit here late at night,
The candle glows so bright,
The longer it is lit,
The shorter it's life.

and as i sit here late at night,
The flame flickering so bright,
I look around the room to see,
The shadows cast on the walls,
And a small spider building its web,
s i sit here late at night,
The candle glows so bright,

The longer it is lit,
The longer is my life.
Then yet again i think,
When that candle doth burn out,
Then i shall end this life.

Author Sweet_Lady_Rose


The Sun crossed the moon's
path one day,
And an eclypse of love,
swept her away

She fell in love,
for an hour or so
And then came time,
for the moon to go

As the sun set
across the land
She saw the moon and mars
hand in hand

She rose each day
For years on end
Wondering when
her blazing heart would mend

She talked to stars
that floated by
They told her stories
Which made her cry

Then she saw him once
as he set in L.A.
He seemed so very close
yet so far away

The years grew long
and an eclypse grew near
She shown more brightly
and tried to still all her fears

As he drifted closer
she tried not to cry
For he muttered "hello"
and just floated right by

She let out a scream,
for she finally knew
She could no longer shine
with her heart split in two

A "freak disaster" the scientists
tried to explore
For the beautiful sun
would rise no more...

The moon glided across
the empty sky
He watch quite in vain
as the universe died...

Author Starry Night Aug, 1984
"A poem I wrote for my father
a few days after his death
which was put in his pocket..."

Roll up the sky & box up the sun...
Daddy, you were everything to me...
You are everything to me...
You were the sun as it rose,
Though I didn't realize it then.

You were the stars in the sky,
That now seem so dim.
You were the twinkle in my eye,
that had a future in sight,
You were the center of my peace,
which came in the night.

The world is so changed,
so barren and plain,
And I would give up my world,
to hear you call out my name.

All of a sudden, God's plan
takes on a meaning too real
All of a sudden lonliness,
is all that I feel.

Somehow, no strength
within can I find
Where I once thought I could see
Now I feel blind

The center of my world
has suddenly disapeared
And daddy, I must say,
I'm so very scared

I'll try to find strength, daddy
I know it's what you'd want
Maybe you can ask Creator
to send some along

We'll be together again,
and I will wait for that day
But until that blessed moment,
from my path I will try not to stray...

I'll go on in this world,
and these struggles I'll fight
And when the day ends
I will find you in the night

I promise I will find you again, daddy
And when our spirits meet
we'll dance again among the stars
this earth far benieth our feet

There is no love known to man
that could equal mine for you
Though our flesh says goodbye
our spirits will forever remain true

Goodbye sweet, sweet daddy
fly high and fly free
and as you bask in God's love
spare a small prayer for me....

I love you daddy very, very much...

your goomba.

Author Starry Night
The Withered Rose

A single rose, all alone, sits,

As days go on she looks more lonely,

Her colour, it starts to fade,

Her petals shrivel up and a thought passes.

Am i the rose all alone?

Am i the withered rose?

Author Sweet_Lady_Rose
All Poetry © to mentioned author