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THE SACRED INTERNAL FLAMEContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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When Actualism sessions are taught in person, this technique precedes each lesson, to enhance the experience of life-energy. I presented this in the on-line series as the second lesson, because I thought it might be too subtle for the first session without a teacher present. If you had a good response to the energy work from the first session, you are no doubt ready to do this more subtle work with awareness. This can be practiced by itself, or as the beginning of a meditation session with light-fire-energy.


One of the most important aspects of the power to focus thought, and thereby to direct energy, is awareness. Where your awareness is scattered, your thoughts become scattered, and your energy also. As you learn to gather and enlighten your awareness, working with light-fire-energy becomes more powerful and effective. Furthermore, as you gather more awareness, you have more awareness available to expand. There is a big difference between scattering awareness and expanding awareness, as you will come to experience.

Awareness has three main aspects:

Knowing Awareness - Which is your mental awareness, including thoughts, ideas, plans, and concepts.

Emotional Awareness - Also called feeling awareness, including your emotional feelings of every kind.

Sensory Awareness - Including sensations of every kind, perceptions, and perspectives.


The following technique is a way of gathering and enlightening your knowing, feeling, and sensory awareness. It is recommended that from now on you do this at the beginning of every meditation session, to amplify your experience of the light-fire-energy, and your ability to direct and focus the energy.

1. Sit comfortably, with your feet, legs, and arms uncrossed, and your eyes closed. In time you will find you can also do this with your eyes open, but it is easier not to be distracted with your eyes closed.

2. Think of your Upper Room, the radiant, peaceful place within your nature that is located about six inches (15cm) directly above the center of the top of your head. Although it is not within your body, it is within your energy field, which extends from 12 to 15 feet (about 4 to 5 meters) in every direction (spherical) around your body. The Upper Room is a source point for the Radiant Awareness of your Actual Self, also known as your "Higher Self" or the "Being of Light" that you actually are.

3. Focus your attention in your brain. Think and let the knowing awareness in your brain-mind open to and harmonize with the Radiant Awareness from your Upper Room. With effortless effort, observe and experience the gathering in of your mental awareness. If your brain is chattering too much for you to experience anything else, let your brain shift out of the active "doing" role into the relaxed "being" mode. Continue this for about 1-2 minutes.

4. Then shift your focus to the nerve cells and nerves in your brain. Most of the brain is made up of nerve cells. Direct the nerves to harmonize with radiant awareness from your Upper Room, and send Radiant Awareness flowing through your spinal cord, solar plexus, and out through all the nerves in your body, gathering and enlightening your sensory awareness. Continue this for about 1-2 minutes.

5. Now focus in your heart and harmonize your heart with the Radiant Awareness from the Upper Room. From here it flows out through your blood and circulatory system throughout your whole body. Expand this focus to your liver, and from the liver Radiant Awareness moves to all the glands in your body. From this focus in the liquid systems of your heart, blood, circulatory system, liver and glands, experience gathering and enlightening your emotional or feeling awareness. Continue this for about 1-2 minutes.

6. Now you have enlightened knowing, sensory, and emotional awareness. From here you can move with a flow of enlightened awareness into your Upper Room, lighting your Star and downpouring from it, as in the previous lesson.


This chapter discusses the energy field which surrounds everything, and how to enlighten the field surrounding your body. It includes the next in this series of techniques, building upon the methods taught in Chapters 1 and 2. I call this work "meditation and beyond" because it involves not only transforming your energy during meditation, but in your active daily life as well. For best results, practice working with the light (with effortless effort) for at least a few minutes every day.


We live in a sea of energy, as many people have discovered. Everything, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, has an energy field within and around it. Human beings have the largest fields, in proportion to the size of their bodies, of any life form on earth. The greater the degree of sensitivity, the larger the field. With training, the field can be extended to an even greater size. People who are interested in meditation generally have a high degree of sensitivity, with a field extending from 12 to 15 feet (about 4 to 5 meters) in every direction around the body, or about 30 feet (roughly 10m) in diameter.

The field tends to be very magnetic, picking up energy vibrations from the environment, of both high frequency, life-supportive energy and low frequency, life-draining energy. Often we experience these loads without realizing what is happening. That is why sometimes you may suddenly feel tired, depressed, or anxious upon entering a room or a building (such as a store), or after a few minutes of being around certain people. With enlightened awareness expanded into the field, and with the use of light-fire-energy from the crystal white Star, any loads picked up in the field can quickly be processed and transformed into life-supporting energy essence.

There is a central vertical axis (CVA) running through the center of your body and your field, from top to bottom. It follows the position of your body, and bends if your body bends, such as when you are seated in a chair. The Upper Room and white star that we worked with in previous sessions are located upon this central vertical axis.


1. After gathering and enlightening awareness and turning on the crystal white star and downpour, raise the star up to about three feet (about 1m) above the center of the top of your head. Direct the star to expand to about 3-1/2 feet in diameter, and close it so that it is no longer downpouring.

2. Bring the star out in front of your body and on down below your feet to about 12 feet (4m) below your body. Here at the bottom of your field, the star centers on the central vertical axis (CVA). Direct the star to begin spinning --like a disk or platform-- in a counterclockwise direction. This counterclockwise (CC) spin intensifies elimination of low frequency energy debris. Here we are using it to clear out the bottom of the field, where loads of muddy energy often collect. For added clearing power, think of the "consuming fire" aspect of the crystal white light, which invokes it. This speeds up the elimination of low frequency, making room for high frequency energy.

3. The star will reach a tremendous speed, faster than any material object could spin without flying apart. Your brain-mind does not have to keep it going, so just relax and let the star do the spinning! This is "effortless effort" in action.

4. Bring the spinning star slowly up along the CVA, pausing about six inches (15cm) below your feet, then bring it up into your legs and pelvic bowl, so you are seated within the spinning star. Then bring it up into the upper half of your body, extending from above your head to below your seat.

5. Raise the star up above your body, on up to about 3 feet (1m) above. Direct it to stop spinning, which it does instantly. Then have the star spinning clockwise (CW) and repeat the previous steps with the CW spin. This amplifies assimilation of purified, transformed energy essence into all the areas you have cleared out. By filling in with light all along your axis, you are building up a powerful radiant glow that will keep these areas lighted as you go about your business in the world.

There are other techniques for becoming more aware of your field, and for building up the strength of the light in your field, which we will go into in subsequent sessions

by Bruce R. Jaffe, Ph.D.
Co-Director, New York Star Center
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