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Pendulum Page 2 

Asking questions through dowsing

When you first open an inquiry with your dowsing, or when you change dowsing topics, it is important to first check that it is timely and appropriate to be using your dowsing for this particular purpose.

Sometimes we may be asking questions which cannot yet be answered, or that may not be for us to know the answers to - issues of psychic intrusion and trespass can occur if we are asking questions outside of our legitimate concern for example, and under these circumstances our dowsing may be inaccurate or misleading.

Not all dowsers use this opening sequence when starting a fresh dowse, but I have found this process very helpful in helping me tune in to what I am about to dowse and to focus my intent.

Begin by setting your pendulum in motion in the search position

1. State clearly the topic of inquiry you wish to pursue - This is what I want to do. This is like turning on the radio. It is letting you unconscious know what you are about to do. You should get a "Yes" response.

2. "Can I ask about this ?" (meaning, "do I have sufficient skill & competence ?")

3. "May I ask about this ?" ("meaning, do I have permission ?") * please note - if you are dowsing in relation to another person or their affairs, the verbal request or permission of that individual should first be sought. Dowsing works best in response to genuine need and less well in response to idle curiosity or unwelcome intrusion. Be responsible and respectful and your dowsing will work better for you.

4. "Am I ready ?" (meaning "is this a timely moment to make this inquiry ?" - energy moves and unfolds in cycles, and sometimes our own energy is not ready to be dowsing a certain topic, or the topic may not be ready to be revealed - waiting a while and then trying again may sometimes be necessary)

If you receive a "yes" to all the above questions, you can then go freely ahead with your inquiry.

5. Ask the Question

Phrase each of your questions such that a "yes" or "no" response is a full and complete answer. This requires a little practice, and typically when one is mislead through dowsing, one sees retrospectively that the question asked was ambiguous or that more than one meaning could be inferred from the answer received.

6. "I wonder what the answer will be?"

Once the question has been asked, there is typically a short pause before the pendulum swing indicates the answer. During this time it is important to hold an open mind, unattached to the answer that we are about to receive.

One can hold this open mind either by continuing to ask the question until the response is fully established, or by entering a state of childlike innocence and excitement, as though wondering what is beneath the wrapping of ones' Christmas present "I wonder what the present will be ?!" - "I wonder what the answer will be ?!"

7. The Answer - "Yes" or "No"

8. "Is this the truth?" You genuinely want to know this, so it serves as a final check.

If you plan to ask more than one question about any given subject, at this point, you don't have to go back to the beginning again, but rather go back to step number 5, and ask the next question.

Dowsing blind

This unattached and open minded state can be hard to achieve if the question is highly emotionally charged or bears great consequence, particularly for oneself or a loved one.

In these circumstances, one can get a little more distance by writing the question(s) down on a piece of paper, and several other questions to which the answers are already known (is today Saturday ? - does the Thames run through London ?) on similar pieces of paper.

Turn all the pieces face down and shuffle them around until you can no longer tell which is which, and then dowse each piece one by one - "what is the answer to the question on this piece of paper?"

Not only does this allow you to dowse with less investment in the outcome, but it also allows you to check your accuracy and can help you to assess how much weight to place on the information your dowsing reveals

Checking and building confidence

Getting another dowser to check your answers can be tremendously valuable, and if you find that your friend gets a different answer to yours, look carefully to see whether the difference is truly in the dowsing response or if it is actually related to a difference in the questions asked or the way that you are each interpreting the words and meaning of the question.

You can check your accuracy by dowsing questions that you will shortly know the answer to - when making a phone call for example you can first dowse to see if the person that you are calling is at home / in their office - and if they are whether their answer machine is switched on... you'll get instant feedback but again look to see if inaccuracies are due to an ambiguous question...

If you find that your dowsing is misleading you, stop and try again later when you are again feeling alert and clear.

Remember that genuine need is the best key to unlock your dowsing faculties, and this in itself will help to direct your dowsing and indeed the alignment of your energy generally in relation to the world.

I like to say "thank you" to the All Source when I'm finished a dowsing inquiry - it helps to keep ones' energy aligned with Grace and also fosters a sense of reverence and respect for this innate and wonderful gift that we all share. Good Luck and Good Dowsing!

© 2006 Sig Lonegren

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